The primary purpose of this web page is to give students easy access to tools that might help their writing. Poor grammar or a dysfunctional writing style will create obstacles throughout your life, ranging from poor grades in college to ineffective essays on law school or grad school applications and unflattering job evaluations from employers or supervisors. I can not guarantee that this page will magically improve your grades, get you into Harvard Law School, or get you a raise and a promotion -- but I do hope that you find it useful.

Advice on College-Level Research and Writing

My upper-division undergraduate courses typically require at least one research paper and several essay exams, and many high schools and introductory undergraduate courses do not give students the preparation they need to succeed in classes like this. The following resources are meant to help students cope with such assignments, regardless of their previous experience.

The following resources offer more general help with style and grammar.

A Little Humor
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