ICOW Quarterly and Annual Reviews

These quarterly and annual reviews track major events related to international conflict and cooperation. We focus on conflict and cooperation between countries that disagree over specific types of contentious issues, in order to track how countries choose to manage, escalate, or settle their disagreements. This draws from research by the Issue Correlates of War (ICOW) research project, which has spent more than two decades collecting and analyzing data on contentious issues. The project currently studies four types of issues:

Four quarterly reviews will be posted each year, summarizing major events in any of these four issues during the previous three months. This includes new claims beginning (and potential claims that do not currently qualify but could in the future), claim provocations and escalation, and peaceful claim management and settlement.

An annual review will then summarize all that has happened in the previous year, drawing from the four quarterly updates, and put these events into the broader context of what the ICOW project has learned about contentious issues. This will be more academic in nature than the quarterly reviews, and will be comparable to the HIIK's annual Conflict Barometer or the annual Journal of Peace Research articles summarizing the Uppsala Conflict Data Program's armed conflict data.


Quarterly Reviews:

2019 Year in Review (available in early 2020)

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