Foreign Governments - Official Resources

These pages link to the official web sites of foreign governments. In some cases, this means both the official site for the government as a whole, and individual sites for separate agencies, ministries, or offices within the government.

General Resources

Political Resources

Socioeconomic Resources

Foreign Governments - Unofficial Resources

These pages offer information about a variety of foreign governments, but are not associated with the governments themselves. See also my International Political Data, International Social Data, and International Economic Data pages for more relevant information.

General Resources

Political Resources

Socioeconomic Resources

Comprehensive Link Collections

The following resources have many more links than I could ever want to add to this page, categorized by the type of resource. If you could not find what you wanted in this page, these resources are likely to have additional material that you might find helpful:

Quasi-States and Other Non-State Actors

See also my International Social Data and Demographic Topics pages.

Country, Region, and Area Studies

Note that U.S. government and politics -- while some consider it a country/area study -- is covered elsewhere on this web site, most notably on my U.S. Government and Politics page. This page also does not include news wires or other primarily news-oriented materials, because those are already available on my world news pages.




Latin America

Middle East
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