Introduction to This Page

This page is meant to supplement the syllabus and lectures for my undergraduate course "American Government: Laws and Institutions" (PSCI 2306) at the University of North Texas. It is organized along the same outline as the reading list for the course, to help students who wish to go beyond the original assigned readings.

Obviously, this page -- like any other page on the Web -- is a work in progress. I will do my best to keep it up-to-date throughout the semester. Unfortunately, many of these links may be redirected or even removed from the Web by the end of the semester (one semester I found that over one-third of all of the links on one of my pages broke between September and December). I would appreciate being informed via email if you find any broken links on this page, so that I can attempt to fix or delete the link in question.

General Resources

You might find the following resources to be helpful in studying American politics. Most of these are documents that were mentioned in lecture, or that offer useful insight into American (or Texas) government and politics. This section of the syllabus will be updated as the semester moves along.

General Political Resources

Official U.S. Government Sites

Other Sites

The Constitution

U.S. Political Culture

Early Documents

The U.S. Constitution

The Texas Constitution

Federalism / State and Local Government

General Issues in Federalism: National vs. State Governments

Local Government in Denton

The Legislative Branch

The U.S. Congress

The Texas Legislature

The Executive Branch

The U.S. President

Cabinet-Level Departments

Other Government Bureaus and Agencies

The Texas Executive Branch

The Judicial Branch

The Federal Court System

The Texas Court System

Civil Liberties

Civil Rights

Elections and Public Opinion
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