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Notable Recent Changes to Site

Teaching: Updated Spring 2023 office hours (January); added tentative 2023-24 teaching schedule (October 2022).

My Research: Added 2017 ISA-Hong Kong paper on issue linkage between territorial and identity claims, 2017 Hensel/Frederick ISA paper on territorial integrity, 2017 territory/issues review chapter from Bill Thompson's Encyclopedia of Empirical IR Theory, 2017 Frederick/Hensel/Macaulay JPR article describing the ICOW territorial claims data, 2017 Hensel/Mitchell CMPS article on the evolution of the ICOW project, 2016 Hensel/Krastev paper on local residents and territorial claims, 2016 Hensel/Macaulay ISA paper on identity claims, and 2015 Hensel/Macaulay irredentism paper.

My Data: Added announcement about 2019 J. David Singer Data Innovation Award to relevant pages (Fall 2019). Added ICOW quarterly and annual reviews page (May 2019). Released version 1.30 of the ICOW Historical State Names data (November 2018), version 1.10 of the ICOW Colonial History data (November 2018), and version 1.02 of the ICOW Territorial Claims data (December 2016). Updated the ICOW General Coding Manual to reflect the addition of identity claims, ICOW River Claims Coding Manual to improve the discussion of dams using the ICOLD data, and released the initial version of the ICOW Identity Claims Coding Manual; and updated the ICOW Non-State Actors List to include actors involved in recently coded settlement attempts (December 2018).

Other: Verified links in the newspaper pages (January 2020). Added a privacy policy page to explain use of cookies (December 2019). Updated all site code from HTML 4.1 to full HTML5 compliance, added a SSL certificate so the site can use the more secure HTTPS rather than standard HTTP, and merged a number of substantive poli sci pages (most of which received few visitors per year anyway) into course-related pages where their material will be more useful (Summer 2018).
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