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Notable Recent Changes to Site

Teaching: Revised my Spring 2017 teaching schedule (September 2016).

My Research: Added links to the 2017 Frederick/Hensel/Macaulay JPR article describing the ICOW territorial claims data, 2017 Hensel/Mitchell CMPS article on the evolution of the ICOW project, Hensel/Krastev paper on local residents and territorial claims, Hensel/Macaulay ISA paper on identity claims, Hensel/Macaulay irredentism paper, 2015 Nemeth/Mitchell/Nyman/Hensel II article on the management of maritime issues, 2015 Hensel/Mitchell JPR article on best practices in data collection, 2015 Hensel/Macaulay ISA paper on shared ethnic groups and territorial claims, and 2014 Macaulay/Hensel ISA paper on natural resources and territorial conflict.

My Data: Added a new page for the ICOW Identity Claims data and improved the ICOW-related web pages. Released version 1.0 of the ICOW Colonial History data and version 1.50 of the MTOPS data (December 2014), version 1.01 of the ICOW Territorial Claims data (March 2014), and version 1.0 of the ICOW International River Basins data (March 2014).

Other: Added mobile-friendly stylesheet so this site works well on cell phones (April 2015).
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